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Thick mucus blob - help!!!

Sorry if TMI but I have just had a thick mucusy blob appear in my knickers. It's clear and doesn't smell and it like really really thick egg white cervical mucus. No signs of any blood or anything.

Is this normal? We had sex yesterday for the first time in ages and I was wondering if it is something to do with that. But I've googled it and am now worried it is the cervical plug and I might go into premature labour! Please tell me not to worry!

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HI hun ur plug basicly is quite big its about the size of 50p?? and its normally blood streaked and bascily looks like someone has blown thier nose in ur knickers xxx

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Phone your MW hun!! It does sound like your mucus plug!

But women have been known to lose it early on and then your body produces another!

I would give your MW a ring just to out your mind at rest though!

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hey hun just read ur post are u okay?x

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