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wait until the baba is here hun! it isnt fair on the puppy who will have all your attention for a couple months then next to nothing when the baby is here!

i love love loveeee dogs, and i cannot wait to have one but im waiting until my baba is around 2yo.

also you wouldnt want to get the pup then realise how little attention he/she is getting and have to think about rehoming her/him - it happens far too often unfortunately xxx

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I wouldn't personally. I have 4 very high energy breeds (Border Collies) and the youngest has just turned 1, she will be enough energy when our baby arrives in February, there is no way I would consider taking on a puppy when pregnant.

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I think it's absolutely doable, as long as you're aware of all the responsibilities.

We're buying a puppy in November or December. I am due the beginning of January. I'm a SAHM though.

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I wouldn't...they are such hard work with potty training, etc. that it's easier to just do it later - I can't even imagine having a puppy and baby both

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As a mum I'd say don't do it.

Newborn babies are hard work - you'll find it hard to eat meals and shower yourself the first few weeks, it's so all consuming. The first year is generally hard work, but especially the first few weeks (they are worth it of course!). You really won't want a puppy to deal with too.

Put off any puppy decisions until after the baby is born - most mums would decide against the puppy once they have the baby imo.

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I have a year old basset hound, and I'm 5 months pregnant. I love my little boy; we got him after we were told that we couldn't have children and too young for IVF.
He's a lot of work, but if you're determined to mske it work, train them well and give them adequate time when baby's here. Then go ahead! But bear in mind, there will be times when you're knackered, frustrated. But the dog still needs your time

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Pets can be dangerous only if they aren't vaccinated. And don't clean after them, let your life partner to do that.