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Thinking of getting a puppy but pregnant

Hi everyone! How are you all doing?? I was wondering if I could get your advice on something: My hubby and I are thinking of getting a puppy from a breeder-a samoyed actually. The puppy however wont be ready till Feb and I am due in April, so the puppy will be about 4 months when the baby gets here. I will not be getting any extra help while I am home on Maternity Leave for about 6-8 weeks. Do you think this is crazy? Do you think it is doable? I am also a first time mom. Thanks soo much for your advice!!

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We got a puppy when I was 5 months pregnant with our son. Hubby did majority of the training. She lets our son pull on her ears, stick his hands in her mouth, sit on her ect. Just be careful when the baby's small.

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i regret getting a puppy SO badly when I was pregnant. I didn't mean to, I had given up on getting pregnant(after a long time of trying) and had gotten a puppy....a week later got my BFP.

I was SO exhausted for the first months of my pregnancy and the puppy grated on my nerves something AWFUL (and I loved this puppy pre pregnancy hormones) then after all the morning sickness and exhaustion left into the second trimester, I got to enjoy him again but it was all about training him before the baby came. very time consuming. then of course came the exhaustion of the third trimester and not being able to fit in him in my lap and give him as much attention as he deserves.

Then the baby came and he is my focus and dog has taken second fiddle to everything. I still am determined to be a good dog owner and love him and give him the home he deserves, but it is very exhausting to take care of a puppy and a baby at the same time. if i could go back in time I wouldn't choose to have a dog now. or at least not a puppy but an older dog who has mellowed out and is potty trained already.

But I am not a high energy person at all. and if you have the energy for it and think you can handle I don't want to be discouraging, just sharing my experience in it.

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How much experience do you have with dog training? If it's something you've done before and are fairly confident you can do it, I say go ahead. If you've never done it before I think it really depends on you as a person. Puppy's are hard work and at the very least they need to be house trained and to learn basic commands like sit and stay, that sort of thing. It's also a really good idea to kid proof them. Play with their ears, their tail, their paws. They get used to having them handled like a kid would. I got my dog 3 years ago before we were even ttc, but I made sure to kid proof her because I had a nephew at the time who was only 4 and I knew we would want kids soon. She doesn't care how kids handle her and she is very gentle with them. It will be hard work, so it just depends on if you're willing to do the work while heavily pregnant and later with a newborn while you're recovering. Good luck!

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It's not quiet the same but we got our kitten on the 24th August. I was already 16weeks pregnant n she was 14weeks old. She is purely an indoor cat so we had to get her used to her litter tray (we were told she was litter trained but clearly not the case) and just used to us and generally having a house house not just one room. I still have days with her now where I can't cope with her misbehaving but then I tell her off n shut her out the room im in. (When i let her back in she will normally creap n say sorry)

Everyone is different I know but this is the first home together without living with anyone else and it was important to us to have a pet to grow up with our little one.She is honestly my baby n I wouldn't change her for the world. We are a family of four thanks to her and she has completed our family.

If you want your little one to grow up with the puppy and your OH doesnt mind putting in ectra work when your a bit hormonal then I say GO FOR IT!!!! XXX

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If you're experienced with training puppies go for it

If you're not, then it's best to keep in mind that having a puppy is a lot like having a baby in the beginning! They need CONSTANT attention and "chasing" around in order to properly potty train them. I didn't sleep properly for weeks when we got our yorkie because I had to get up in the night and around 6am to make sure to place him on his training pad to pee, as well as put him on there every time he ate or drank something to make sure he got the point. They also need to be confined to a specific area of the house (with access to you of course) until they learn where to pee and what they can and cannot chew on (their toys instead of cables etc). If you give them access to the entire house, they're more likely to pee or poo somewhere without you noticing (which hinders training) or to get hurt doing something they shouldn't!

Puppies are a lot of work and they're also babies that have been taken from their mother so they need a lot of love and attention!

If you're prepared for your life to revolve around your new pup for a while then you should get one, otherwise I'd suggest waiting

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Puppies are a lot of work! I personally would not get one while I was pregnant. Having a new baby gets pretty stressful as it is, and I would not want any added stress. Puppies at that age are pretty high-energy, they tend to chew things up, and it might not be potty trained yet! Just some things to consider. I'm just picturing stepping in a pee spot, puppy jumping in your lap while you're holding baby, puppy chewing up baby's binkies... Haha maybe I am being super negative though!

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I agree that if you are very experienced with puppies and training samoyeds, then go for it - though it will probably be very overwhelming with a newborn and puppy while you are alone for 2 months. Especially since you won't have any extra help from your OH. I have some experience with dogs, and have had 2 newborns and I wouldn't ever get a puppy just months before LO was born. We are planning a puppy, but not until #3 is around 2yo.

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As zanDark said, having a puppy is like having a newborn. I personally would wait. I have 2 dogs and a cat. Training those dogs (especially the second one) was really hard work. I would have to stand out in the freezing cold with her for hours before she would pee and she'd bite the other dog and chase the cat and just generally get up to mischief. If I'd had a newborn at the same time I'm not sure how I would have coped. Honestly, don't do it to yourself. See what litters the breeder is planning for next year (or 2015) and put your name down.

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I'd say 90% of the women I know who got a pup when they were pregnant regretted it. In my opinion, it usually ends up being unfair to the dog once baby comes. I have a difficult 2 yo dog who is not yet housetrained even after loads of training. I'm not sure how i will even deal with her once baby comes. It's up to you, but a pet can always wait.

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