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Yay congrats!!! I kinda want a little boy as well. I think it would be great for C and he is so so excited Hopefully we do have a boy. How weird would that be?!

I don't think we have any birthing centres near us, although I should double check for OH's benefit. I need to work on him this weekend and sit him down with all the info. :s

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He has a very valid reason for concerns. Maybe you should talk about his concerns, validate them for him and address how each situation should be handled so he might feel as if a plan was in place, just incase. Lots of women go on and have healthy deliveries, but some don't. If something were to go wrong, how is he going to feel about it and be able to live with the decision? Just have a good heart to heart talk with him. I hope you both can come to an agreement you both are comfortable with. Good luck.

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Originally Posted by sun View Post
I found out yesterday! We're having another little boy
I wanted to be able to tell my son since he was really really wanting a brother, so in case it was another girl I wanted to prepare him. I wonder if that means you have a wee boy too - our kiddos are the same sex and almost the exact same age - maybe we'll just continue the trend

Also about HB stats. The problem with lots of the statistics involving HB is that they traditionally included women birthing at home who were not under the any care at all for their entire pregnancy/labour. That really changes the stats since having trained medical professionals who are monitoring and know how to assess for potential issues puts the risk of a HB to basically the same as a hospital birth. It's not the same as someone who doesn't have that ongoing care and assessment through their pregnancies.

Racahel - My OH was the same. There is something scary at the thought of not being in hospital at first - it's like the safely net is gone and you're on your own. Except you're not - the midwives are highly trained especially in the area of home births. But maybe by reading and talking to other people your OH can become more comfortable with the whole thing. But it's not for everyone. If your OH isn't comfortable, then maybe there is a compromise - are there any birthing centres near you?
No birthing centers here, and actually, our hospital is really great and the midwives deliver there. For my last son, I literally delivered him 15 minutes after we arrived and we were released within 12 hours. So I'm hoping to just skip the hospital step. We only live about 5 minutes from the hospital and considering the ob might be on call at the time I deliver I could likely make it to the hospital before the doctor does!

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