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Mum (Mom)
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In so much pain :(

I just can't handle this pain - toothache!!! I'd rather give birth...

I've been to the dentist... Need root canal, currently have a temp filling in which stopped the pain for a week but it's back full throttle! I can't sleep, my whole face and neck hurts :'( my appointment for the root filling is in January because they are a dentist down at the mo (one died) but I have an appointment on Monday which they won't do anything

It's driving me mad!!!

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Mum (Mom)
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I feel for you! That is awful, I can't handle mouth / tooth pain either... I'm sorry, hope it gets better soon. Can you go to a different dentist? Can they at least stop the pain on Monday?

Once, I got an infection after having my wisdom teeth removed. It was literally the worst pain of my life. I remember sitting on the couch at like 3 am, crying, with warm compresses on my face and all doped up on Tylenol with codeine, which did nothing (not pregnant, obviously ) poor thing!

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Sarah lo
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no advice really but I hope you get it sorted soon hun x

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Aw no Hun :/ in a dental nurse, it sounds like u av an infection, u need to go to emer dentist preg tomorrow, if u ring your dentist surgery their answerphone should give u the num u need for emergency....all the dentist will do Monday is give u a prescription so u may as well get it from emergency dentist tomo, no need to prolong agony xx

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