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Please reply! scared, pain when taking deep breaths - UPDATED -


Tonight I have been having pains when I try to take a deep breath. When I take shallow breaths I feel fine but when I take a deep breath it is as if it hurts to fill my lungs. I am really worried, especially as when I stood up (to try to stretch in order to help my lungs fill without the pain) I got light headed and fainted (caught by my OH). The pain is gradually lessening but I am concerned, has anyone had this or does anyone have any thoughts on it? I would really appreciate any replies.


After posting this message last night I called the out of hours doctor who told me to get to hospital immediately, he completely panicked me and had me in tears. I got to Casualty and was told the concern was that I may have a blood clot in my lung. Despite the anxiety, my BP and a heart trace were normal and they did some blood tests. I had to wait for results from the lab and whatever test they do to discern clotting was fine. It also wasnt anaemia as my blood is at a surprisingly good 15. I spent all night at the hospital and today went to see my own doctor who was much more reassuring and said either severe acid reflux or something called borneholm (sp?) disease which causes inflammation of a joint in the breast plate just between and above my breasts (anyone heard of this???!) I honestly dont know what to think, I still have the pain now and then and my chest is a little bit tight especially when I lie on my left side. I have some ibuprofen gel, even though it isnt recommended for use in pregnancy (!) and some stuff to drink for acid reflux. Im going to post another thread about acid reflux to get some feedback from those who have suffered from it as this is not like any digestive discomfort I have ever felt!!! Thanks for your replies, it means such a lot when you are worried to have some support. I feel so worried!

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I've had similar... but not to the point of actually fainting. Could just be baby pushing upwards on all your organs... but I'd ring the doctor anyways...

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If it's bad enough to make you faint it's definitely worth a call to the doctor or MW. Have you been sick lately at all with a cold or the flu? If so, absolutely make sure you call.

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I would deff call the dr, could just be the baby pushing up, but to make you faint is really a dr matter hun.....Hope your ok, the pain might be nothing but better be safe than sorry I always say, dont worry about bothering the Dr, they would rather see you and there be nothing wrong than you sit at home and have something wrong......

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Just wondering if they pain could have been indegestion/trapped wind? If it was very sore then this could have caused you to faint - as some bad pain can.

I hope you are ok, let us know how you are getting on x

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I had that in my last pregnancy but not to the point of fainting. It was nothing, but if you fainted i would go to the doc and get it checked.

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I would definitely call your M/W...I have had sharp pains when breathing and its been fine but like the other girls I haven't fainted...

I hope everything is ok xxx

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