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This was an old thread, and no one ever replied or commented to my addition to it. I thought I’d give an update, though, in case any other panicked women google and happen to stumble upon this thread down the road. I had a breast ultrasound yesterday and met with the doctor who reviewed my images afterward. She said that whatever is affecting me appears to be a benign condition confined strictly to the skin- there is no change to my breast tissue whatsoever. She thought perhaps the condition was fungal and/or bacterial, and she referred me to a dermatologist (who I’ll be meeting with late next week). I asked her if she could rule out bilateral IBC, and she said only a biopsy could definitively rule out cancer. But she gave me a “.01%” (in her own words) risk of it being bilateral IBC- which is the best odds a doctor can give in the absence of a biopsy. She found no need to biopsy my breasts yesterday. I’m incredibly relieved, even though I’m no closer to knowing what the condition IS.

One OB thought it was mastitis or cellulitis. Another OB thought it was vascular. The breast specialist thinks it’s fungal or bacterial. Maybe the whole thing is just hormonal. I’ll update again if I ever get a concrete diagnosis of what it actually is. But I thought it was really important to come here and update because I know how scared any woman googling this during pregnancy is. While bilateral IBC can happen, it is extremely rare. So take deep, calming breaths. Work with your doctors. And keep trusting in life and that the little one inside you is going to be okay. And that you are too.

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