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Never ending morning sickness rant -. -

I'm so frustrated I could cry.
This is baby number 3 I'm just over 14 weeks and the neausea is not letting up. Dr prescribed me diclectin at my just shy of 12 week apt and for awhile it worked wonders. Now it's sorta not working. I'm back to not eating much, not wanting to go out and spending a lot of time in bed away from my family I was taking them 4x a day but increased to 5x a day when the lunch pill wasn't cutting it. ( I'm worse in the evening.) Now I'm finding my mornings are back to being nauseous again along with the rest of the day, I don't even get a break. With my daughters the ms cleared on its own before or just after ob apt at 12 weeks. And it showed signs of improvement, this is not.

I think I'm one of the unlucky who will be puking up to delivery I'm so miserable I hate this.

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Old Nov 17th, 2014, 03:07 AM   2
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I am 14w and 3 days and feel just the same. Iv had hyperemesis been so miserable. Constant nausea is crippling. With my other 2 babies it left by 18-20 weeks. Hope you get some relief soon

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Massive hugs, I've not been as bad but it took me until 15 weeks to feel better, this is also my third and by far the worse I've felt. Hoping you get through it soon

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I am 18 weeks and every now and then feel sick still. WHEN is it going to end???

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I had really bad morning sickness until about 17 weeks. I'm now over 20 weeks and it has eased alot. At the time it felt like it would never go away. hang on in there.

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I took 6 pills of diclectin a day till about 20 weeks, hope you feel better soon

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I'm there too and was thinking about how bummed I am to be going through this again as I was hurling in the shower. I'm just hoping it means a healthy, happy baby in the end. This is definitely my LAST pregnancy!

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