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Preparing Nursery..too soon?

Hi ladies! I'm a FTM and am so excited to get our little girl's nursery in order. We have the crib set up and the dresser is being delivered this week, but I am so anxious to get clothes washed and put into her dresser, get pictures hung and have her room completely ready to go. I am 20 weeks and am just wondering how soon you put together your little one's nursery. I love cleaning and having things organized so I just want it all done, right now! lol Is it too soon?

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I wouldn't say it's too soon, I'd say go for it while you've still got the energy lol then u can relax once your bigger an know that everything is done and ready! I can't wait to do our lil ones room x

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I'm not even 15 weeks yet and I'd be doing baby's nursery now if I could, lol! I say go for it, whatever makes you happy :-)

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Lol I agree, ive waited years for this and I'm desperate to do mine! Not sure what I'm doing yet but ive picked out furniture and will be picking the wallpaper and paint as soon as I can
I agree best to do it whilst be got the energy!

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I dont think it's too soon. Last time I was all organised by 25 weeks. This time round our toddler is still in the nursery so still deciding what to do about getting ready for baby. I prefer to get everything organised while I still have energy!

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We started ours months ago and just about finished with it!!! It's never too early lol. I even have clothing organized by month, only thing left to do is put the closet together and finish with decorations.

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I think especially if you're going to paint, do it as soon as possible, but in purchasing things if you do it over time it's probably easier on you and the wallet. With painting walls, you don't want VOC's off-gassing when she's first born and sleeping in there 18 hours/day. So this is best to do well in advance (if painting is a priority).

We're not painting the walls, everything is neutral except for the bedding, blankets, pillows, all bright accessories that are easy to switch up.

We're also looking for really high end products gently used so we're not paying retail for much. This takes time, we've picked out the baby carrier, and put a bunch of things on pinterest but we have bedding, crib, a crib rail rider for diaper changes, blankets and leaving the clothing for last we we'll likely get lots after the baby comes when we hold the meet n greet with family & friends.

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From my personal experience only:
Things that matter: Having the crib set up, rocking chair (if using) in place, diaper area ready to go, having the room generally clean.
Things that don't matter: Paint colors, decorations, any clothes past NB or 0-3 mo ready to go.

The longer back story: With our first, we needed to finish renovations in order to move our office out of the nursery and start building the nursery. I thought it was a top priority, DH thought that everything would be OK no matter what. DD ended up coming a week early, and the day my water broke, I had literally just finished painting the nursery that morning and DH had just hung the blackout blinds. The crib was put together, but that was it.
We both agree that we were both in the wrong. The room needed to be more prepped than DH thought. (he left the hospital to sleep at home, and spent time dragging the chair in, arranging furniture, etc.) But the aesthetics really didn't matter once we got our baby home. (I made curtains when she was 1 month old, we still never reuphosltered the chair and just toss a flat sheet over it)

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Eleanor ace
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I say go for it, it will be easier to do it now than when you're heavily pregnant, and it is nice to be able to go into LO's room and get all excited .

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Ive painted and have the crib set up.. The rest of decor im slowly working on. Id have it done but both of my baby showers are in august and we will get a ton of stuff then so theres no point to me spending money on it myself now!

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