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Second pregnancy, different second time round

Is it a sign? Kidding. First one was a breeze for 9 months! This time I have had the lot. Suppose don't get 2 same anyone else find this?

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bumble b
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All 3 of mine have been different. 2nd was the hardest & this one the easiest so far xx

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This is my 3rd pregnancy. My first I ballooned and was vomiting from the day after I found out. I was sick daily up to 14 weeks and my weight gain was huge. 2nd pregnancy no symptoms at all, lost weight and had a missed miscarriage.
This time I had sickness from 6 weeks to 11 weeks, but only every other day, but also had incredible tiredness in first tri. I had to have a 2 hour nap every day up until 15 weeks.
My back really hurts this time but I do have 2 disc prolapses and a retroverted uterus.
First was a girl, this one is a boy x

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First one, MS was much worse and I gained weight quick. Second time around, MS is not as bad, so far a little less weight gain but I started out heavier, the bloating is horrible and I have given up and gone to maternity pants at 13 weeks compared with 20 weeks last time.

More aches and low pressure too, but I hear that's normal.

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Mum (Mom)
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My first was by far the easiest pregnancy. It has become harder for me with each baby.

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