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Round ligament pain or Braxton Hicks?

I'm not very good at describing things and how long they last or have lasted, so bare with me.

I'm 20 weeks along now, the the past 2-3 days I have been having some pain, it's not harsh bring you to tears pain but it is definitely uncomfortable. Last night I had it on my right side and today it's on my left side. The pain feels like a knot, especially when I stand. When I'm walking around if feels like a knot on the inside to the left. It seems to just want to stick to one side. The past few days I have felt tightening throughout my pelvis off and on, but the past 2 days it's just been on one side or the other. The pain doesn't really go away, it will lessen a bit but it will only get to a certain point of discomfort and stay there for a while then it will subside for a little bit.

I'm also wondering if it's me not getting enough water. I have a terrible time drinking water or liquid for that matter is mass amounts. I've been told to have 10-12 glasses a day and I can't even reach 8. My water consumption has gotten better then it was but I get severely sick if I drink too much.

Any input/advice is greatly appreciated.

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Hmm, it's difficult to say, so speak to your midwife if possible.

The tightening sounds like BH. I was going to say that the side pain could be round ligament pain, however I have experienced that as a much sharper pain, personally. That doesn't mean that I know what your pain is though.

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