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Originally Posted by arturia View Post
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I also haven't been sick once, despite being a teacher and some nasty bugs taking down both students and teachers at my school. Including some hospitalizations.
Wow. That actually sounds kind of scary, hospitalizations due to contagious illnesses in coworkers while pregnant.
Right?! One came into the lunch room and was clearly still sick, she nonchalantly mentions being hospitalized for three days because she had 104 fever and medications wouldn't break it. Or another one has severe strep that developed into bronchitis. I'm like ummmmmmm get awayyyyyyy. Had a few students hospitalized overnight with violent stomach bugs. So we played the wipe down our desks every day game lol

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I'm not sure about California, but here is one of the worst spring allergy seasons we have seen in a few years. I am on Zyrtec for allergies, even had some winter allergies. Pregnancy has made it worse, I think. But both of my kids are suffering badly from the allergies, and my symptoms worsen when theirs do and lessen when theirs do, so I assume it is allergic rhinitis and not pregnancy rhinitis, or a combination of the two.

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