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20 week scan anxiety

My scan is a week on Wednesday.. and I can't shake the anxiety just like I couldn't before my 12 week scan. He looked great then and my bloods came back low risk for the downs/trisomy tests, and I found out at 16 weeks via 3D ultrasound that he's a little boy (although they're not trained doctors so cannot and do not comment on baby!)

Really nervous once again and it's over a week away! Anyone else's relatively soon and feels the same way?

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I'm always nervous when my anatomy scan is coming. I lose weeks of sleep over it, but it's always okay. Very rarely is it not, and of course we get scared and think that 1 out of 100 will be US, but in reality, it probably won't be.

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I'm also another one who worries about scans! To be honest this pregnancy got me more worried than my first as this time i know what to expect and what they look for etc. Congratulations on your baby boy! team blue here too keep us posted with your scan & hope everything goes well! x

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I'm nervous too!

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Exactly the same here! Worried about every scan, test, check up I've ever had with both my kids! Don't think I'll ever relax!

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Mine passed but I wanted to empathize. I had nightmares leading up to both my nt scan and anatomy scan as well. It sucks too because I have an anterior placenta so I wasn't feeling movement and everyone else was. But I just kept telling myself he was healthy and it would be ok.

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Mines on Thursday but I'm feeling a little less nervous because I'm feeling so many kicks. At 7 and 12 weeks I was just scared that there would be no heartbeat. I'm a different kind of scared about this scan, mainly because I know they check all the baby's organs and limbs. Obviously I just want everything to be ok!

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Mine is tomorrow and I am feeling terrified too! Very excited to see him again but at times I still can't beleive he's in there. We were trying for a long time do its difficult for me to relax! I also have an anterior placenta and haven't felt any kicks hope that won't last forever. We will be fine though! Gotta think positive that we ate this far! Xx

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Mine is NEXT TUESDAY and mama I am right there with you!!! She looked great at 10w, then I had an elective ultrasound at 17w and she looked good (or at least, they did not mention anything bad, minus saying that her femur measured three days behind but that it was not a concern), and the anatomy scan next week has me so nervous. I want her to be healthy so bad! I'm worried they'll discover she's missing a chamber of her heart (thanks greys anatomy) or something else that I'm not even knowledgeable about. I feel you on the anxiety. It's happening one way or another though, and hey. This is to prepare us. The way I look at it, if it's a mental disability, it'll give me months of research. I just know I keep discovering so many horror stories online, so I'm trying to avoid them. More than likely we will both be fine! Just I totally understand the worrying. Hang in there mama!

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I have mine tomorrow and feeling very nervous

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