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I'm 15+4 and more tired than ever!! With the last two, I didn't really have too much tiredness and only then, in the beginning of the first tri. This time, I've been super sleepy since I found out pretty much. Some days I'd go to bed at 8 and still wake up tired (I am usually a night owl and in bed between 12-1am). I'm on school holidays (teacher) and I don't know if the sudden slack in pressure has made my body go into relax mode, but every time I sit down at the moment, I feel like I could really really easily fall asleep. It's terrible. I'm so tired!! I really want some energy back as I don't want to spend the rest of this pregnancy exhausted to then lose loads of sleep with a newborn - or even before that, when the bazillion trips to the toilet at night kick in in late third tri.

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I haven't had any energy since 1985!

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When they are about 4 years old lol. I now feel okay, but have to give my self a pep talk just to make dinner lol. And feel wiped out after i do anything

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Oh energy. How I miss thee. Let me count the ways

I was talking to my future MIL about this yesterday with my BF. They were picking and making fun about how I could run rings around them. Stay up till all hours of the night and get up for work like I slept a full 8 hrs when barely getting 3 hours of sleep and do it all over again the next day like nothing. NOW!!! LMAO I'm lucky if I can make it passed 8:30 with out feeling like I'm ready to pass out and that's not including the nap time I try to squeeze in through out the day especially on my day off. All I keep getting told is enjoy the sleep now because once this little one gets here there will no longer be sleep.

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