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glucose in urine

So I work in a lab and kept having the urge to check my urine. I don't know why I just did. So anyway I checked my urine and there's glucose in it. Im waiting for a call back from doctor as he doesn't work in the clinic that I do but Im nervous. Do any of you ladies have any experience with this? if so please share.

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It can mean nothing. I interestingly went to the midwife a few weeks ago straight after my breakfast (toast & jam & orange juice). The urine test with her was negative for glucose. I then went to my doctors to give a sample as I had UTI symptoms and that sample came back +++ for glucose! Literally 15 minutes later and about an hour after my breakky!

I've had a GTT and it came back absoloutely fine, no sign of diabetes!

So it can be absoloutely nothing to worry about. But worth speaking to your doctor just to rule anything out!

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I've always had glucose in my urine, anywhere between + and ++++. I had the GTT with my 2nd and 3rd LO's and passed with flying colours. Usually I'd had a cup of tea with sugar/bread/chocolate in the run up to getting blood taken.

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