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Hey Hun,I haven't been on here very much since finding out I was pregnant as I am quite shy but needed to come in and give u hugs......
I'm so sorry that ur going through this and after the amount of time u we're trying I get this would b the last thing u would think would happen but I wanted to say that u will get through this and baby will keep u dh left my daughter and I when she was just two,I was devastated and thought the world was coming to end but being a mother was and is the best feeling in the world and the bond that my dd and I have now is something I wouldn't change for the's three years in and I have a new partner and although baby no2 was a very quick surprise I now see it as such a blessing and think to myself,u know what,if partner was to leave I would get through this just as well on my own knowing that I am all this baby needs,I need him just as much as he needs me and that bond will just grow and grow.....

U will b amazing,ur love for ur baby is so strong and ur partner is already missing out on u being a fantastic mother to this baby,u remember that and everything else will fall into place xxx

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No experience but I just wanted to add my support, even if he feels that the relationship is finished you are still the mother of his child and that's still his baby and to walk out and leave you to go through the rest of your pregnancy alone is very selfish.

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Mrs B.
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So sorry, Blue Just wanted to join in with the support and send some hugs your way

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I'm sorry you are going through this Hun but you can do it. You're stronger than you think. When my ex left when dd was 17 months and ds was 8 weeks I just felt like my world had collapsed and I'd never cope. But you will come out the other side so much stronger and better off. Let yourself feel all the emotions you need to right now and let yourself spend lots of time doing whatever you need to to comfort yourself and feel better. And don't feel bad to ask friends and family for help. Big hugs Hun xxx

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Hi hun. Just wanted to offer some support and say how much of a brave strong woman you are!

I wouldn't say I did it alone, But my ex was unsupportive throughout my whole pregnancy with my daughter. When we came home from hospital he didn't do one night feed. Never changed nappies or generally took any interest in her and inevitably we split when she was 18 months. But I pretty much did it all alone before then! It's hard sometimes but it is SO rewarding and you will become even more of a strong person, you'll surprise yourself! And your baby will idolize you

Good luck, you got this!

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