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Resting Heart Rate Jump - Should I worry

Wondering if anyone has experienced this.

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. My resting heart rate has been consistent at 55/60 before and through out my pregnancy (I am an athlete.)

Last night I went to my normal spin class and when I went to sleep I couldn't sleep. My legs and arms were restless and my heart felt like it was beating super fast.

Turns out my heart rate never got below 90 last night and continues to be in the 80s when it normal is in the 50-60 zone.

Anyone experience there heart rate not going back down? I have a call into my doctor but wanted to see if this is something I should worry about?

Thank you!

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I would say 80s is still normal. I frequently get a fast heart rate and it's just happens. Maybe you are too much sugar or ceffeine and it caught up. Keep in mind your body has more blood now that your pregnant so your heart is working harder. If you feel dizzy or any nausea I would get checked out. Drink some cold water and sit and relax and it might help.

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Get your iron levels checked. My heart rate was spiking up to 105 beats a minute (although more commonly sat around 90) and this was often during the night in bed or when I'd just been sat on the sofa. I went to my doctor and they did bloods and sent me for a 24 hour EGC. ECG was fine, turned out I was pretty anaemic. 3 weeks on iron tablets and my heart was so much better. I'm now 9 weeks into taking the tablets and it's totally back to normal. I'm still anaemic but my levels have climbed up enough to stop my heart from over working!

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