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Low lying placenta

Hello all!

When I had my anatomy scan last week the doctor said I had a low lying placenta and that I have to go back to be scanned at 32 weeks to check if it's moved. He said it was only an observation and he only mentioned it as he had to put it in his report and didn't want me reading it at a later date and not knowing what it meant. He said about 85% of them that are low lying around 20 weeks move up and cause no problems but I am a little concerned as I'm a bit scared of having to have a section.

Anyone any experience of this?

Sarah xxx

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Hi Sarah

I don't have any further experience other than what you have been through so far, so I will be watching this thread to see what comments you get back.
I have had a little bleeding throughout this pregnancy which I didn't have with my first, this is because of my placenta.
My first baby was a natural birth so like you I am scared at the thought of a section.

I hope things work out for you and that it does move out the way

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I also have a low lying placenta. It's currently 1.7cm away from cervix and I've been booked in for a 32 weeks scan.
My mum had it where it was partially covering her cervix and it had moved way out if the way and she delivered a 9lb 10oz baby naturally with no problems.
One thing to be aware of which I'm sure you would have be warned about is that you're more prone to bleeding in 2nd and 3rd tri if it is low lying. I had an overnight stay in hospital last week after a small gush and then a lot of spotting. All is fine with baby but was a scary night!
Hoping it moves out of the way before your little one makes an appearance x

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I was told the same this week, will have another scan at 32 weeks, I had a c section with my first baby so she said can be common aft previous c section

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I had a low lying placenta with my fourth-born. I went back in at 36 weeks, and the placenta had moved allllllll the way up to my middle right side! I delivered vaginally. Apparently, it is pretty common, and as the uterus grows, the area where the placenta is attached usually moves upward with it.

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Hi, I was also told this at my 20 week scan. The sonographer didn't seem overly bothered and didn't give any advice, then saw my midwife at 25 weeks who said I shouldn't be having sex, lifting anything much, etc etc. She also seemed very sceptical that it would move. Mine is partially covering my cervix though. Got my scan in just over two weeks to see if it's moved. It's felt like such an incredibly long wait. Kind of psyched myself up for a section now, think I'm going to be a bit terrified if its moved totally out of the way ready for a normal birth! I'll keep you posted.

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I got told the same in my 3rd pregnancy, that it was very close to partially covering my cervix and that chances were high I'd need a c-section. I broke down while talking over the scan with my midwife as I dreaded the idea of a section. Next scan however showed the placenta had moved nicely and my birth was vaginal and uneventful.

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With my son I had the same thing, it was super close to the cervix. I was also told about 80% of them move by 32 weeks and mine did!

Although I ended up doing a c-section anyway as they suspected he was a big baby of 4.7 kg To ease your mind, a c-section isn't as bad as you'd think. I think the worst part was the spinal and the rest of the surgery was pretty easy peasy. Absolutely no pain, I only felt the type of sensations you'd expect when the doctors and nurses are prodding and pulling and pushing around. Had a bad reaction to the meds though so ended up feeling nausea and had heart palpatations but I think I was just super unlucky! Recovery wasn't that bad either, I was up and walking about 24 hours later (which I can recommend, it helps you recover quicker!). I was sore but they give you pain meds so you shouldn't feel much pain afterwards either.

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