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17 weeks and still no weight gain :(

Hi ladies,
Im at 17 weeks and my MS is much better but i still haven't gained any weight. Even though im not throwing up as much, i have no appetite and a horrible taste in my mouth. Im 5'2" and a 110, and the midwife keeps saying im tiny and need to gain. I tried all the suggestions i found online like adding ice cream to milk shakes and sprinkling protein powder on everything, but nothing is working. Anyone have any suggestions or stories when they managed to gain later and the baby was absolutely fine? Fyi, im vegetarian.

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I wouldn't worry too much so long as you are eating something and getting nutrients down you. Even then, there are people who have HG their whole pregnancy - my colleague was telling us that her sister ended up two stone lighter than she started due to HG and still produced an 8lb healthy baby! Baby will take what it needs, it's more you that will suffer and probably why your midwife is concerned. If you are not eating very well, baby will take what little iron, calcium, protein etc that you get and that leaves you with not much to run on. I'd say make sure you are taking a good multi vitamin!

I had MS until week 20 and my weight gain was minimal until that point. 20 weeks happened to coinside with Christmas Day for me and it was the first half decent meal I'd managed to eat since week 6! Hopefully yours will pass soon and you'll be feeling much more like eating! I've certainly made up for it now..!

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I'm of average weight and 15 weeks with my second baby, I haven't gained anything either but by the end of my pregnancy with my son I'd gained about 2 stone.
I'm actually hoping not to gain anything that I don't have to this time so there's not much to lose at the end again lol

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In my first pregnancy I weighed less at full term than I did when I got my BFP, that was largely down to MS and although it did largely disappear by 20 weeks like you I still had no appetite and that horrid taste in my mouth! This time around I have again had HG and at my last appointment I weighed a few kilos less than at my booking in appointment, the mw wasn't concerned at all however I was overweight going into pregnancy so it's not such an issue for me but I suppose maybe more of a concern at your weight although I'm sure if it continues your mw will be able to help. I'm also vegetarian so I know how difficult it can be. I'd maybe suggest things like pasta dishes with pesto. It can be easy to start eating unhealthy in order to put on weight but I think as long as you are eating healthy it's half the battle!

Sarah xxx

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I'm 17 weeks and have only gained 3lbs. I think it's all boob cause I've gone from barely filling a C to busting out of a DD

But I wouldn't worry as long as you're eating a healthy amount

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Yes, I'm 26 weeks along and eat to my heart's content, and I haven't gained anything yet this pregnancy. With some of my pregnancies, I gained a ton. In one, I lost 10 pounds throughout the pregnancy. I ate the same way with all of them, so clearly, my metabolism has been different with each pregnancy. However, I'm overweight and don't need to gain a lot of weight in order to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

Every time I deliver a baby, I lose 25 pounds just by pushing that baby out (with my babies ranging from 7lb11oz to 9lb2oz). All the fluids and extra blood and BABY and placenta and all of that really do add up. When you're on the thin side like yourself, if you don't manage to gain weight during this pregnancy, that will put you severely underweight - worst case scenario, 85 pounds!!! I do not want you to get sick. You've got to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you can. Our babies need us to eat lots of healthy fats and protein and will take all of the nutrients out of your body, so you will be left with few nutrients for yourself if you're not careful. Do make healthy weight gain a priority if it doesn't come on its own soon.

That being said, your baby is still only about 5 ounces and will get up to an average of 7 1/2. You're very likely to start putting on weight once you hit 20 weeks even if you're not managing to put any on now, since our babies start to grow much faster, and we start to get much hungrier. Focus on your nutrients and getting healthy fats and protein. Honest brand prenatal vitamins are really, really awesome. They also have a whole food based version. I've been taking their regular prenatal with all of my pregnancies (especially chosen since all of the vitamins in it are in bio-available forms, and I have hypothyroidism and am prone to anemia - I've never had anemia or any deficiencies while taking this vitamin).

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I'm 16 weeks along and haven't gained anything yet. I'm starting to track my calories to see if I'm not getting enough during the day. I feel like I'm eating all the time though!

The sad thing is that I'd have no trouble gaining the weight if I wasn't pregnant. As a fat chick, it's a crazy mental shift to go from trying to lose weight all the time to trying to gain it.

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I had gained 1-2 lbs at that point and never once had sickness or any adversions.. i didnt start actually gaining until after 20 weeks.. ill be 25 weeks in 2 days and ive gained a healthy BMI.

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Wow, I'm doing something wrong I'm gaining really easily. I think I'm on catch up after ms and tend to want to eat everything insight and not all of the right things. I'm trying but finding it difficult to control my cravings.
Everyone's metabolism is different, I wouldn't worry but please swap diets with me Ragnhild! x

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