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When did you start to feel regular movements and kicking?

I started feeling some kick VERY early for a first time pregnancy at 13+6. Now that I am 16+4 I still feel the occasional kicks. But not every day. I would have thought that after almost 3 weeks these kicks and movements would be a bit more regular???? Or at the very least stronger?

Not sure if it matters or not, but my mw told me at 11 weeks that my uterus was tilted back (I don't know if it still is or not) and I STILL don't have a bump. A pot belly, yes, but no actual bump.

So what gives?

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With my first 3 I'm pretty sure I felt movements daily way before now (I'm 20+4), even though with those 3 I had an anterior placenta! I honestly thought that with not having the placenta in the way this time I'd feel more and stronger which just hasn't happened. I've been feeling some flutters and pops since 11 weeks or so, but that was it, often not even sure if it was baby or just my own heart beat that I could feel. The last 3 days however I've finally felt actual kicks that aren't just a one off, things that I KNOW are baby, and it has been daily.

I honestly don't know why it's this much later on this time around for me. Going by the fact it's pregnancy #4 and better placenta placement I would have expected more, but it didn't happen. I'm happy to finally be there though! I'm sure you will get there too =)

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I have a slightly tilted uterus, am a ftm, and anterior placenta. I didn't feel anything definitive until 20/21 weeks. I only recently started feeling him 1-2x a day consistently. I asked my gyn if I should feel him more and she laughed. She said the fact I feel him daily is excellent but not to be expected at this point. She said they don't do kick counts until 32 (I think) weeks because it just stresses women out. But she said give it a few more weeks and only worry now if I go close to a week without feeling him

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I'm in the same situation right now, I started feeling flutters from week 11, felt popping and small flutters here and there but not much now and I'm 16+2 today. I have an appointment tomorrow and will ask where my placenta is attached right now because im wondering if it could be in front of my belly?

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Ftm here....Felt my first movements and kicks at 20 weeks exactly and it's been consistently increasing since.

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I felt rushy movements this time really early on. Around 12 weeks. They stopped though shortly after for the longest time! I've only been feeling him regularly since about 21 weeks or so. I have anterior placenta though.

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It has varied by pregnancy, honestly. With my first, I got one BIG kick at 16 weeks along and then felt movements ever since that day. With most of my pregnancies, I got flutters early on, then random big kicks, then regular movements (baby on a schedule) at around 18 weeks or so.

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When you feel movement early, I find it takes ages for it to feel like the kicks get stronger. I'm 21 weeks and have been feeling movement daily for a good few weeks, but the strength has really picked up within the last 3-4 weeks as well. This is my third pregnancy though! Started feeling pops at 11 weeks. Once you feel more, you'll forget you were ever worried

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Probably felt movement about 19/20 weeks, maybe the odd flutter in the couple of weeks before that. Been getting stronger each week. Noticeably has a wriggle from about 9-10 in the evening!

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I felt movement from 12-13 weeks (I can't remember exactly when) this time, but they just felt like tickles or flutters for a long time. I am 18 weeks now and I have just started feeling proper kicks in the last few days.

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