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I haven't had anyone say this to me, but I know I look really big for 27 weeks. I mean baby is measuring at least one week ahead (again like my son), but good lord. With my son at this point, I was so much smaller.

I will say though, I got big FAST, and then it seemed to slow down after 24 weeks. So hopefully I don't look like an elephant by the end. Lol

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Grr. I haaaate the comments. I've not had any yet this time around but with Lucas I remember having a woman at work who I'd literally never spoken to, loudly asking me around 20 weeks if I was having twins because I was 'huge' (side note, I'm huge with no babies in there).
She would not let it drop and was looking around the break room for people to agree with her, so I eventually replied "yep, I'm sure it's not twins - anymore. One of the babies died early on." Never heard a loudmouth go so quiet so quickly.

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I've already had this too and I'm only 16 weeks lol! Already had the "are you sure it's not twins" but I get this in every pregnancy and from early on. Not sure if it's my height or something as I have a really short torso and everything tends to just stick out from my tummy pretty early! I'm the kind of person who looks pregnant when I'm not and just bloated lol.
But still irritates me because it's just what anyone wants to hear isn't it, how huge you look?! Not sure why people think they have a free reign to comment on a pregnant woman's size.

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