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Returning morning sickness after 24 weeks?


I had mild morning sickness (constant nausea) up until about 14/15 weeks. Then, around 21 weeks, I was sick one morning and have felt the same constant nausea that I had in the first trimester since; I am now 24 weeks.

Is it normal for morning sickness to come back, or could there be something more going on?

On another note, what are other people's experience of braxton hicks like in a second pregnancy? I started noticing them around 17 weeks but I am now getting them several times a day. Is this normal???


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My morning sickness came back with DD2. If it's not associated with any other concerning symptoms, it's not an issue, but if you are feeling unbearably ill or have other symptoms like swelling in your face/migraines/etc I'd definitely call your Dr and get his/her opinion on it.
I find I only get Braxton hicks if I'm not drinking enough water

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Mine has been starting to creep back slowly since I hit 26 weeks. I had HG from around 6 weeks until 20 weeks and it started slowly with just a little nausea right through to full blown HG within a couple of weeks so I'm really really hoping it isn't going the same way as that's so hard to deal with! I still have medication from last time but haven't yet felt bad enough to start taking it again and I have the midwife next week so unless it gets horrendously worse before then I'll likely just mention it to her then.

Hope you feel better soon.

Sarah xxx

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With ds I had some nausea through about 12 weeks and a sudden short spike around 26/27 weeks. This time, daily vomiting until 18 weeks or so and it came back right aroundirection 23.5 weeks. It's gone again thankfully (I'm 26w tomorrow). I found that coffee was making me sick, I usually have a small cup each morning at work and I've had to give it up.

I've definitely had more braxton hicks this time around and got them much earlier!

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