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Low papp-a? Dr didn't even mention it to me

Hi ladies. I'm 14 weeks today. Had my bloodwork at 12 weeks and just got my results. The doctor said everything looked fine, low risk for any problems. I asked for a printout of the report bc I'm always very thorough with everything. She gave it to me, and it shows a 1 in 2,000 chance for downs syndrome and 1 in 10,000 for trisomies. So I am grateful for that. But my papp-a is only 0.4, which is supposedly only the 10th percentile. Everything I read on google says anything below 0.5 is bad and is a high risk for premature birth, still birth, etc. Im freaking out. Why wouldn't the dr even mention this? Have any of you had the 12 week blood work? If so, can you share your papp-a levels and whether or not your dr was concerned?

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