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Pain/Tenderness on one side

Hi! So I saw my ob yesterday and besides having a yeast infection everything looks good. Ever since Tuesday night my tiny bump aches on the left side off and on and then when it's not aching it's tender to the touch. At first I thought maybe it's just gas pain but it is tender all the time so I don't know.
I asked my ob about it yesterday but she said I need to stop worrying so much about my physical symptoms and we didnt discuss it further. I have been very anxious as this baby follows multiple losses but Im starting to feel a little better. I feel like I'm dismissed as being anxious and this really is quite uncomfortable.
Does anyone else have pain like this?
Thanks in advance ❤

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It sounds like round ligament pain or just normal stretching pains. This is my third pregnancy (I'm 14 weeks 2 days along) and the stretching and round ligament pains have started earlier this time.
Be reassured that your doctor isn't concerned. Some discomfort is normal when your uterus is expanding!

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