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I feel like my belly is gonna explode!

Today was terrible. It felt like my belly was being blown up like a balloon. I also had some nagging period like cramps all day. I kept running to the bathroom to check if I was bleeding. Baby growth spurt? I don't remember any of this with my son.

I also sneezed and peed myself in the grocery store. 👍 What a special day I had! 😂

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Oh I'm sitting here feeling like I'm about to explode too! Usually just after I eat...but I have GD and I have to eat a snack in about 10 minutes, and I don't think I can fit it in....

I'm sitting here reading on recommended calorie levels, since I'm tracking my food for the GD, and I just realized I may need to be eating a couple hundred MORE calories per day. Where the ^&%*$ and I supposed to put it?!?

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