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How do you cope with the impatience?

😂 I'm a terrible human.

I'm 12 weeks with #2 and everyone says that it flies by on your second. Well. It's not for me. Haha. Im serverely over impatient and I'm one of these people that stresses if things aren't planned out in my head.

Im absolutely dying to find out the sex so I can mentally plan. Name/adjust my daughter/prepare things.. I haven t bought anything yet because I want to wait to find out, as last time I just went wild and then once I found out she was a girl I wanted girly things instead 😂

Im not really sure what I'm looking for anyone to say.. But I feel like I'm dragging along, and everyone else is like 'oh wow its flying by' and I want to kill them 😂😂😂😂

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Yes! The second one did seem to drag at times! Especially if you had to TTC on top of it. If you want to shop though, maybe go ahead and grab things you know you're going to need regardless like Bibs, cloths, a bath if you need one, ect. Hang in there momma. I found once the ball started rolling it kept picking up (at least until late 3rd TRI. Lol)

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I felt like it dragged for me in first tri but second tri seems to have flown. I found out I was pregnant in November so over Christmas and new year I was ridiculously fed up, every day felt like a week! It wasn't until I found out gender at 16 weeks that it started to fly for me really. Now I can't believe I'm in third tri! I want time to slow down a bit now. Hopefully it'll start to seem quicker for you soon. X

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I just stayed busy lol. But that wasn't hard for me. I basically went to work, snuggled with my dogs and caught up on my shows for two hours and maybe picked up a few things around the house, then started dinner, then SO gets home, then we eat and cuddle, then I sleep. On the weekends, I stay busy cleaning or visiting family. If I got the itch to buy things, I buy baby books or toys or unisex clothing. Worked on my registry. Watch baby shows. Come on bnb... a lot lol

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Me too I'm the worst! Haha well I was riddled with HG up until 13 weeks then I had my wisdom tooth out so was in pain for the next two weeks. Now spd has kicked in. I think I've spent most of the time feeling sorry for myself either in pain or sick. At least it's passed the time I suppose haha. Having another does help keep you busy. X

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My first two pregnancies dragged on forever. I don't know what those folks are talking about!

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With my first, time dragged horribly, especially if i was approaching a milestone or something i was really looking forward to.

With the second it seemed to drag until we announced. After that it wasn't so bad.

This one has been flying by. I had school that i absolutely had to focus on. Now that I'm done, I'm too tired, spending a lot of time with my 2 seriously rambunctious kids, trying to study for boards and applying for jobs. Plus I have so many clothes to sort through, help dh turn our dinning room into ds's bedroom, etc.

So this one is flying by indefinitely. There's just so much going on and so much to do that i can't focus all of my attention on time to edd or milestones.

While i loved being so focused on my previous pregnancies, i feel like I'm actually enjoying this one even more since there's a really nice balance of focus on everything. Plus i hate when time moves so slowly lol

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My second pregnancy dragged. I think with the first there's all the picking out prams, cots etc... painting the nursery whereas we reused a lot so there weren't frequent milestones. It did pick up a good hit in third trimester though.

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I'm the same, thankfully time is seeming to fly by. The days are long but the weeks are short x

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