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I agree. My mom never had a changer. We just changed babies wherever lol. But I will say I loved having a changer/dresser when I babysat a couples one year old. Never changed him in the downstairs pack n play, too cramped. I liked all the room and having everything steady and handy versus changing my twin brothers on couches/beds/floors. It's a luxury, definitely. But if you have the spare $100-200 I'd get it. But if you're tight on cash, I'd spend that money elsewhere.

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If you are going to cloth diaper then some sort of change station will be helpful. We just have a change mat on top of DD's dresser, her diapers are in the top drawer of the dresser, cloth wipes are in a basket on top of the dresser, and dirty diaper bin is next to the dresser. When she was a newborn and in disposable diapers for a few weeks we would just change her wherever and throw the diaper out in the nearest garbage can, but if you need to take a cloth diaper to the wet bag/pail I just find it easier to have everything in one place.

For me there are very few actual necessities: sleepers/footed pajamas, ergo carrier and hiking backpack, cloth diapers and wipes, swaddle blankets, a Moses basket for baby to sleep in at night in my room, pack n play or something similar for baby to sleep in during the day in the living room, jogging stroller, car seat, swim diaper and swim suit (started swimming classes at 4 months old). Anything else just takes up space in my opinion. I didn't have a baby shower because I don't want people filling up my house with crap I don't need that is just going to create clutter and take up space. With baby #2 the only thing I am buying that I didn't have with baby #1 is a stretchy wrap. I didn't need to wear my DD around the house because she was perfectly content with being put down so I would just use the ergo when we would go out of the house, but now that I'll have a newborn and a toddler I feel like I will need to babywear more around the house while I chase after/play with DD.

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I'm expecting my fifth baby currently. My must-haves are.....

Moby Wrap (or other wrap - they have breathable ones and ones where you can wear baby on your back when they're a little older)

Co-sleeper (I have Arm's Reach since I roll around like a fool and also have two dogs in my bed. I can lay right up against it and nurse in a sidelying position while I rest.)

Muslin blankets (I keep my room cold and like to swaddle my babies at night time only. I use the same blankets to cover myself while nursing in public and to cover the stroller if one of my babies/kids is resting in it.)

Rocker/Bouncer/Swing (Each of my first three babies would only rest in ONE thing without being held... so I had all three, although only one would get used with each child. My fourth-born liked all three, so thank goodness, you just might use them all.)

Receiving blankets (My babies are prone to reflux, so they spit up a LOT. Burp cloths aren't enough for some of the projectile vomits some of them have had. Nursing really, really helps with reflux, but my babies spat up any time they got a bottle.)

Baby mild castile soap (Read the ingredients on most "baby washes" - yuck! There are a few other "premium" brands with safe ingredients, though.)

Bac-Out (I run my diapers through with it every so often so they don't stink. I didn't know about it when I was CDing my oldest, and since I make my own laundry detergent, I added tea tree oil to one bottle of it and used it exclusively for diapers... It did keep the stink out and got them cleaner, but I don't like the smell of tea tree, either!)

A few other things I can't do without that wouldn't make a registry... I make my own all natural, cloth diaper-safe diaper rash cream (let me know if you want the recipe - I found it on a blog), but I've also used California Baby brand (which smells terrible and doesn't work as well, but it is comparative to "Desitin," which my sister uses on her babies, in my opinion). I use a teeny bit of baby mild castile soap in their baths (my 5-year-old now likes to shower, so I make him a body wash out of a bar of castile soap).

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Thanks for posting this, MEPride!! My hubby and I are in the same boat - starting registry stuff but completely overwhelmed by all the options, with no idea of what we are going to need... Loving the responses!!

xdxxtx - what's the recipe for the diaper rash cream?

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