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U/S Tech Accidentally Revealed Sex

It's mostly my fault, because I didn't tell her at the beginning of the scan we didn't want to know. I thought that she'd ask when it was time, and literally as she was starting to ask, and as I was starting to say NO gender, she typed XY on the screen. Both DH and I saw it, then she quickly backtracked.

I'm not mad (at her—maybe at myself a little). I'm just sort of bummed. I was 98% sure it was a boy anyway, but I didn't want to know yet. And I'm not sad that it's a boy—I'd have been thrilled either way. I'm just sad that I won't have that big reveal that I had with DS.

Other than that, everything looks great, so I have absolutely nothing to be upset about. Baby is healthy and happy and bopping around. But I guess I just needed to vent. Sigh...

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I'm sorry this happened . We had our tech blurt it out with our last child. Same thing kind of happened , it was the nuchal scan and I didn't even think she'd say anything about gender but she did and I was so bummed!!!

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Awww I'm so sorry maybe you can still make it special for everyone else? I have anxiety so I had to know lol but I planned a reveal for my friends and family which was fun

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Oh man that really sucks so sorry!

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