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Originally Posted by LavaPanda View Post
So. As some of you know I am a little upset that I haven't got much of a bump at 24 weeks.

Now. . like, just now, a lady has just said 'well you're a large lady so you'll show later anyway'.
Erm. . . since when was a size 10 (English sizing) fat. . . curvy maybe!
So I am now sulking because not only do I still not have a 'proper' bump (just a bit sticky outy). . . people now think I'm fat- great.

Sometimes, people should just not say anything at all -_-

So I came on here to rant instead of punching her in the head.

^^ Bump at 24 weeks.

Honey, you are SO not "large". You are perfectly sized!

as I have seen on this thread, the woman who said that did not mean it in a hurtful way. I hope you two can reconcile! Enjoy your beautiful pregnancy body and baby!

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Old May 17th, 2017, 07:41 AM   22
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Uh... I don't know what she's seeing, but you look trimmer than I was at seven weeks.

At around 14 weeks a coworker came up and touched my belly while she was still coming up behind me. No hello or anything. No permission asked. Just hand on my belly. Hand way too high to feel baby/bump at 14 weeks. "You don't even seem pregnant yet! Just a little overweight."

Thanks. That's my stomach area your hand is on. That's all me.

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Originally Posted by kirstybumx3 View Post
Part of the reason I don't use other forums is how bitchy some of the members can be, just for the sake of it.
Don't be upset, hormones do terrible things to us and I'm sure played a part in both of your reactions. If you've apologised hopefully OP sees your intentions weren't to offend.
This. Other forums are cray. No idea what it is. I love BnB and I love you, Kitty. I can and will vouch for her character. The hormones are real these days, and it's easy to have misunderstandings via internet. Hopefully OP sees your message and all works out.

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I hope it all gets worked out!!

Thank you for coming to explain, I know sometimes it's hard not to take things the wrong way or personally especially with pregnancy hormones. Sometimes when someone says "x" I hear "y" and work it much larger in my head than it actually was. It's nice to see both sides and see that you're actually trying to make it right!!! to both of you!

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you are definitely not fat! I would have reamed that lady out if I was you :P

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