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Pelvic and hip pain oh my...

For the past 2 weeks I have had the worst pelvic and hip pain. I talked to my ob about it and they said it's perfectly normal especially since this is my 3rd baby and I'm 21 weeks. I'm not concerned about it, but I have been taking it more easy, I've been wearing a belly support band since week 15 and doing everything they have suggested to do. It only seems to get worse. It's not crippling pain, but man it hurts. I work in a restaurant and work 8 hours shifts so I know this has a lot to do with it. I just feel like I am too early to be hurting this bad. It is also effecting my job a lot. I now can hardly do anything other than take orders. Bending hurts, walking hurts, standing hurts...simply everything hurts. It makes my stomach, hips, thighs, and pelvis hurt. Is there anything I'm not doing that could help? Also, at night my hips hurt so bad that I'm constantly turning over so I'm not sleeping that well. I have a pregnancy pillow, but it doesn't really help either. I have pretty much come to the realization that this is probably something I will have to just deal with and hope for the best. I am also cutting my hours back in 2 weeks once school lets out so I am hoping that helps. I just want to want to see if there is something else I can try because even though work is super accommodating and they are totally cool with letting me do what I need to do, I don't want to get to the point where I have to leave work earlier than I plan to because we need me to work as long as possible. However, summer at my store is SUPER busy and I need to be able to be there for them as well. With my son,2nd pregnancy, I did not have this problem and was able to work 7 hours without issues and felt great.

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See a physio, hip pain in pregnancy can be treated and managed, the longer it's left the worse it gets generally, sadly doctors can be ignorant of the facts on this. You need someone to physically manipulate your joints, it will really help. They're a UK charity but the information will apply regardless of where you live. I hope you get some relief soon

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