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I have one of those U-shaped pregnancy pillows (and have been using it for quite a while - started in first tri), and my back is STILL killing me... I think it helps some people but not others! My best advice for the back pain is physical therapy. My PT is having me strengthen my core, pelvic floor, and glutes, and the pain is slowly getting better.

I wake up on my back sometimes, too - I agree with the other ladies. As long as you turn back over to a side when you realize you're on your back, I think it's fine!

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Yep, what the rest said. I wake up nearly every night on my back at least once and I just shift positions when I realize I'm on my back. I find sleeping with a pillow between my knees helps a bit but not every night.

But a tip that was given to me was to use a safety pin to stick a tennis ball to the back of your sleepwear. It's small enough you don't feel it when you are laying on your side but if you roll on your back, it's uncomfortable enough you'll wake up and can shift back to your side.

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