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My first two are boys, and I definitely got a lot of comments. The comments got a HUNDRED TIMES WORSE when I was pregnant with my third, and I felt SO much pressure for it to be a girl. Thankfully, it was, so I didn't get too many more hurtful comments, but then it was like, "Okay, you have your girl. You can stop having kids now." Um, I didn't get pregnant so I could have a gender. I got pregnant to have a family, and I always wanted a big family. So, I told everyone I wanted 5 kids (to shush them and refocus it to me just wanting a lot of kids). Oops, here I am on #5. So if I get pregnant again, I'm expecting a lot more comments, HAHA, but at least I shut them up for a couple of years!

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As one of five girls, I know my mother endlessly received comments like "Trying for a boy, eh?" It certainly did make it easier for her to do hand-me-down clothes and toys for all of us. We were all very close growing up and are still super close as adults.

We're even perpetuating the streak as all her grandchildren are girls too (with the exception of my step-son...the only way she's getting a boy in the family I think).

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Yessss you are so right! We don't get to choose--we find out when we find out! It's a gift either way!

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I dealt with this with my third but in a slightly different way. We already had a girl and a boy, which most people think is "ideal" as if they are different species rather than just humans with different organs between their legs, so everyone thought that we should get the snip. How surprised they were when we announced that we were having a third baby! The first question I received... was it an accident? Even a nurse at the hospital told me "well since you have three now you might as well have a fourth and get a boy" as if you can choose gender. It was annoying dealing with people's comments. No matter what you have, it never seems like people are satisfied. What I learned to do is to just ignore it as hard as it is and think to myself "not your children, not your problem" to avoid stressing myself out about it.

I did miraculously end up with another boy this time but tbh my DS was my hardest child so far and it makes me kind of dread having another boy lol. I'm hoping he has a completely different personality than DS. My girls are much easier and funner imo.

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I feel the same annoyance with people. We don't know what we are having yet but I have two boys already.
When we first announced, several family members said things like "congratulations. If it's a girl that will be PERFECT!!!!!" Or asking me "oooh I bet you're wanting a girl." It makes me want a boy just to shut them up! Ugh!!!!
I'm rude when I respond. I say "after all our losses I'm just glad it's still alive this week." Or "I hope it lives long enough we can find out."

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Yep I dealt with this so much when we had dd2, it was so annoying!! This time we are refusing to find out early and I've become very blunt over the years and I say something similar to above with "we don't care what baby is as long as baby is healthy and Alive" . We have had several losses and I feel it shuts people right up.. not sure why people feel the need to comment on genders, number of children, even names. ... it's really no one's business but the parents.
Ps I'm also one of 5 girls not often I see someone else from the same!!!

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I have one son and baby girl on the way and people often say "now you'll have one of each so you can stop" I don't think it's anyone else's place to say when I have had enough children. I think they don't think before they make these kinds of comments.

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Thanks ladies! It makes me feel better reading all of your comments.

I still feel hurt when people act disappointed (because, helloooo--it's a healthy baby....why the heck would there be a need for any disappointment ?!), but now I just stop any comments by immediately saying we are excited and that I always wanted two girls close in age because I never had that with my own sister. That seems to get people to be quiet quickly.

I do still feel it in my husband's voice that he would like a boy one day. He didn't have a good relationship with his father and I know his heart is yearning for him to be able to have a good relationship with his own son. Only God knows what is in store for us, though....either way, he is a wonderful father.

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