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I feel your pain! I'm pooped. Im not sleeping well at night due to SPD and not being able to sleep on my back. I can feel an under current of energy coming back but with the lack of sleep it's just crazy. The school runs are taking it right out of me, it's embarrassing! Lol

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This is #2 and my first is 4. I can't say I ever got it back.

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Originally Posted by lilmisscaviar View Post
I'm 21 weeks and still waiting... lol

Looking back I don't think I ever really gained back my energy completely until a few months after the baby was born. It seemed like it was always one thing after another. First... nausea until 20 weeks. Second... SPD from 20 weeks on. Really I only have two trimesters of pregnancy!
That's been me. Nausea to 20 weeks, then stomach flu and three back to back colds til 28 weeks, then SPD until the end. I don't remember feeling normal.

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I popped in from first tri with hope but ugh. I feel your pain! This is my 2nd pregnancy, 3rd baby and I've never felt so exhausted. My last pregnancy I wasn't this drained. I barely function at work and feel as though the last half of my shift is spent fighting to stay awake. Then I get home and sleep, which is still not enough sleep!

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Pregnant with number 2 here! My energy is back at the moment! Started from about 22 weeks! I'm more tired in the evenings though but during the day (most of the time) I feel okay I might not say that next week once I hit 3rd tri though lol x

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