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SUPER scared and freaking out...HELP

Hey all-

So I am on pregnancy #2...And am very familiar with baby movements. A few days ago, on Mothers Day we felt the first big kicks. Monday I came down with a fever for two days and was on lots of Dr approved medicine that made me VERY sleepy and Dr approved doces of the medicine, but since then I havent felt a thing. And on top of that my boobs arent sore at all and I just have a bad feeling something is wrong.

Now that I am all better...My hubby and tried to do the deed today and I couldnt get off...and my dr wont see me because I have no symptoms of anything being wrong. Just paranoia. Any feedback helps!!

What foods/drinks help get your little babies moving??

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Don't stress yourself too much. I know, easier said than done, but at 16 weeks my baby's movements weren't very consistent either. I didn't really start feeling him daily until 18/19 weeks. Now he kicks me so much that he makes me sore by the end of the day lol. The only thing I found that really gets my baby moving is caffeine. I know you aren't *supposed* to drink that during pregnancy, but I have to drink a cup a day, otherwise I get migraines. I'm sure a little wouldn't hurt. It could also be the meds you were on making the baby a bit drowsy as well since what goes into you also goes to your baby. I was on Diclegis for nausea well into the second trimester and didn't really notice much movement until after I completely weaned off of it. I think the Unisom in it was making him sleepy too.

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If it makes you feel any better I've not felt any movements yet. Try to not to worry it's still early. Call your midwife for some reassurance if it makes you feel any better hun, that's what they're there for. X

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