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Comments on my weight ahhhh

My mum is always banging on about my curves and how we all need to loose Weight. I am one stone over weight from havind dd 2 years ago. I am a size 12. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant in Sunday. I have had the 6 weeks of feeling rough all day. Unfortunately due to this i ate to take away the sickness and walked rarely because I really did not feel well.

Ive also had bleeds. A week ago my midwife told me to rest and no exercise. I have obviously gained abit of weight. I am starting to show. I am still in my ore pregnancy clothes but they are getting tight now. My mum has started to make me feel like a slob again. Saying well you cant sit down forever etc. i saw her yesterday poked my belly and told me to loose weight. She has advised me not to eat snacks and diet as in eat healthy foods only. Not helpful!! I drink water. I have cereal in morning and a slice of toast about 10 or crisps. About 12 i have a sandwich and a yoghurt, i may have a cereal bar or orange or biscuit in the afternoon and tea is usually pasta or veggies with whatever and bolognaise or salad. Occasionally i have a bowl of cereal before bed. I am aware this isn't great but i cant afford to feel weak and sick i have a toddler.

She really does get to me when im pregnant i know full well i will be fat afterwards for a while and it won't spring back off. I have my energy back now though and the last two days ive walked a couple of miles and ate fruit. It genuinely is the first 16 weeks i struggle with my pre pregnancy life. I don't appreciate being warned not to gain weight when i have struggled and had abit of stress with bleeds

Anyone else have insulting relations?

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Hugs for you. Sounds a lot like my mum! I've struggled with being underweight and having eating disorders before, I relapse every few years, and she worries out of her mind when I am. But when I put on weight a little bit OVER what's normal for me, she also makes comments! Which I hate because I don't want to be pushed back into feeling fat and worrying about my weight at a time that I can't do much about it (pregnancy). After I had my son 4 years ago I was about two stone over what I generally aim for. She was always making comments and it made me miserable. Then when he was about 2-3 my BMI dropped to "underweight" and she made comments then! Now I'm pregnant 14+3 and, almost exactly the same as you, have had to eat to stave off nausea AND got put on modified bed rest due to internal bleeds. I'm feeling chunky enough as it is without crap from my mum or anyone else! Just try to take the comments on the chin and remember all that matters is getting through pregnancy to a healthy baby. You CAN lose the weight afterwards and you will, even if it's a slog. For now you just need to do what you can.

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I'm sorry you are dealing with this. My MIL talks like this to my husband all the time..... I want to tell her to shove it. I would maybe just say something like, thanks mom, I'll have to remember your advice for after the baby is born. Try not to worry

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I'd just try to shrug it off and ignore her. Or if it really bother you maybe tell her to kindly keep her advice and comments to herself?

I feel you. My MIL made a weight comment when I was about 25ish weeks pregnant. DH and I were going through our clothes and were trying to sort into donate, save (if we felt we would be able to loose the weight to fit it in the near future) or keep. She saw a dress I wore a few years ago (I was planning on putting it in the save category) and made a comment about how I can't fit it anymore and she didn't think I'll ever fit it again Here about 9½ months since I had my son, I do have a few extra pounds I'm planning to lose once my son starts in daycare when he's 13 months. My toxic mother (she's been verbally and emotionally abusive all my life) has done nothing but tell me how fat I am now every time I see her I just brush it off because I know that she's just being nasty to hurt me.

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Gosh, that's not really nice of her...But I agree with KatO79, maybe you should just tell that her comments make you feel bad.