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Where on earth is my uterus?!

I'm 15+4 and find the baby with the Doppler every day, usually really low down (I've actually been concerned about this), just last night I found baby right on my pubic hair line. I've tried really hard to be able to feel the "shelf" and stuff and not really been able to although I've seen a slight swelling pretty low down. The reason I wanted to find it was I wanted to know if my retroverted uterus had tipped forward yet.

Now this morning I've woken up with a really full bladder so I thought I'd give it a go to see if it was pushed up, and I can very clearly feel the top of my uterus up at my bloody belly button! I thought it didn't get there till 22 weeks (granted, my bladder is very full). I felt all over and I am 99.9% sure it's my uterus I'm feeling (unless I've grown a new abdominal organ overnight) so I checked with the Doppler and sure enough baby is right down at the bottom of this round bump.

Where is the fundus usually at 15/16 weeks?! I'm all thrown, gone from last night thinking why isn't it rising to know thinking whys it so high, haha. and don't know where to look for it in future!

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Maybe you just really, really need to pee? Actually, I don't know where the uterus is supposed to be around 15 weeks. I have a vague feeling mine was quite high by then, especially the second time around.

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With subsequent pregnancies it tends to be higher, when I went for my 20 week scan with my son they found him up just below my ribs(sonographer wasn't at all concerned) and according to my pregnancy book it was only supposed to be around my belly button haha! I wouldn't worry about it

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I've looked into this a lot and at 16 weeks it's supposed to be midway between pubic bone and belly button. And reaching belly button by 20 weeks x

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I'm on baby #3 and my dr said my uterus is already that of someone in their 20th week of pregnancy. I think if you have had children your uterus grows quicker?

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At 15-16 weeks, the fundus should be in between your pubic bone and belly button, but if you really had to pee then your fundus is definitely moved upwards!

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I'm 20 weeks and at my last ultrasound my baby's head was up past my belly button and just under my ribs

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I'm 15wks and can feel my uterus just under my belly button. It popped up high very early with baby #2 as well. All bodies are different

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