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Anyone pass orange oil in their stools? o.O

So my belly was kinda crampy like I had to go poo. When I went to the bathroom there was more gas than usual. When I looked into the toilet I noticed orange oil like stuff floating on top of the water.

The closest thing on google I've found is possible problems with my gallbladder not absorbing fats.

I put in a call to the nurse and am waiting on them to call me back. I was just wanting to know if any of you had experienced this before.

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Mum (Mom)
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I haven't had this, but it sounds like it could be something you ate (maybe something more fatty than you usually have). I wouldn't worry too much about your gallbladder, google is dangerous! I'm not saying it can't be that, but let a doctor tell you instead, otherwise you'll panic yourself. My crap is always pretty crazy when I'm pregnant one way or another, it's all to do with slowed digestion and things like that. Hope you get checked out soon and it turns out to be nothing!

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I've never had oil, but I have seen some really weird looking mucusy stuff. I'd imagine it's just excess fat that didn't get digested as it wen through you

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I experience this but I also have gallstones. Hope you got to the bottom of it.

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