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Mucus loss at 16 weeks

I had sex yesterday (unprotected) and this morning I passed a large glob of very thick mucus and now I'm freaking out. It was white and clear and didn't have blood in it but it was very thick, thicker than throat phlegm.
Really worried that this was part of my mucus plug, possibly caused by having sex (or not and just a coincidence). Should I be panicking? It was just one solid glob and was pretty big, like a sphere about the size of a 2p coin in diameter.

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Mum (Mom)
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I would say go check in with your midwife clinic or GP. I'm sure it's probably fine, as supposedly you can lose some of the mucus plug and it regenerates, but definitely better to be safe than sorry.

I've been regularly passing\losing bits of mine since late first trimester. I know it's def plug mucus, as my regular CM is milky and not at all thick, whereas I also get these little pieces of thick snotty mucus when I wipe after peeing. I mentioned it to my midwife and they had me come to the hospital straight away to check things out. My cervix was fine - long and closed. I also got checked for any infections and was all clear. They didn't actually have a proper answer for why I'm losing bits, but said as long as the cervix looks fine, then they're not worried.

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I think it's better to check it just for your own peace of mind...