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With my first I was 16 weeks when I felt the very first flutters . But I couldn't be sure , it was another 3-4 weeks before I was sure , I was very slim too !! Baby two I'm sure I was around 14-5 weeks for the first flutters , full on kicks and rolls by 16 ish weeks. Last baby was a ninja and I was feeling regular , definite movements at 12 weeks . No pattern obviously but several times a day. By 19 weeks you could see her kicks . I was very very slim though . This baby I've felt 4 or 5 times the tiniest shift only when I'm lying very still and between breaths . I'm rather overweight just now so I expect it will be later this time

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With my first I only felt kicks around 22 weeks and I was fairly slim! This time round I began feeling them around 17 weeks and now have began to notice a pattern at 20 weeks.

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This is my third pregnancy and I think that I again have an anterior placenta and have yet to feel movement.

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