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Anyone else with a lazy baby?

My child just does not like moving. It's become a running joke at scans - I always need a re-scan because he shoves himself in awkward positions and refuses to budge.
During the day I'm lucky to feel a bit of a flutter a couple of times throughout the entire day. It panics me so bad sometimes! I wiggle my feet to get him to move and I'll get an angry kick in return then he goes back off to sleep.
Last night I was awake til about 2am and noticed he was actually pretty active at that time. I reeaally hope that's not a glimpse of the future

Just seems crazy that I've been feeling him now since about 16 weeks but I'm still not getting much from him. His brother was doing back flips day and night long by this point.

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I definitely feel like I have a lazy baby. At my 20 week scan she would not move out of her very contorted (but apparently comfortable position). I went back for a second scan to get measurements they couldn't get before and they had the same problem. I never did get all our measurements.

Even to this day she gives me a heart attack sometimes because she just isn't very active and either just squirms a bit or curls into a ball and stays there. She loves getting rubbed when she is in a ball because she curls up even more and into my hand. But I have never really felt much in terms of flipping or hard kicking a lot. Her being lazy has also presented a problem: she turned breech about 6 weeks ago and would not flip back! It took a lot of coaxing, Spinning Babies exercises, and a chiropractor visit to get her to flip head down again. I hope she stays lazy and stays that way! Hahaha!

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Compared to my second baby, my son, this one has been pretty lazy. I do get some bursts of energy from this baby, but I do remember my first child (my daughter) being pretty chilled in the womb like this. I hope this is an omen to his/her personality once he/she is daughter was SUCH an easy baby, it was almost ridiculous. My We'll see!

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This one is quiet. I get the very occasional flutter. I'm 15 weeks. I felt all her brothers by 14 weeks.

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At my first scan he was super active doing back flips and going crazy but that scan was later in the day. At all my other scans (I've had 4 others) he's been much more chilled, he wriggles a bit but nothing mega. I can feel him move but he's definitely more active at night, during the day I get the odd kick if I cough or sneeze but at night the second I get into bed he goes crazy...think we're in trouble when he's born!

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Compared to all my girls this little man is super lazy. Can't wait until kicks are more consistent and frequent.

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