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Originally Posted by 6lilpigs View Post
Have I missed something, are you dangerously underweight? I have had 11 children and have delivered a few pounds and i mean a few pounds heavier than my conception weight each time, i joke that I grow the baby out of the fat stored in my butt lol, I am not overweight at all and 5ft 2, babies usually weigh 8-10 lbs. i eat healthy enough and regularly, some of us just don't put on weight until the last month. Please dont stress too much about this if you are eating, you seem to be doing fine IMO
Thanks (to everyone)! I'm not at all underweight, but I keep reading everywhere that healthy weight women should gain 25-35 lbs when pregnant, and that not putting on enough weight raises complication risks. I got so paranoid about it. They say you should gain 8-10 lbs by the 20th week, I've hardly even gained half of that. I wonder if the low-weight complications is more in part to poor eating, or if the pounds actually have something to do with it. I figure eating well is what's most important, but I can't help but get worried over it anyway.

I know this is kind of an uncommon complaint. I understand all the posters worried about gaining too much weight, too! Pregnancy is such a journey.

Smoothies does sound like a good idea! More liquids and dairy are always good. I think I'll start trying that

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