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16w and feeling movement already?

Anyone else?

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This is my 4th baby so I think that's playing a role with me being able to feel this baby sooner than the first 3. I have only felt a few kicks but I've been able to feel the baby rolling around since around 11 weeks or so. I can't wait to finally feel the baby all the time and feel actual kicks.

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I'm 15 weeks. Still waiting. This one is a lot more quiet than her 3 brothers. I felt all the boys by 14 weeks. Maybe she's the calm one? 3 older brothers so I doubt it.

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This is my fourth baby and I've been feeling him since 13 weeks so very possible. It was flutters/rolls at first but now I'm getting definite kicks and have been for the past two weeks or so.

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Feeling definate kicks now, but have been fleeing flutters from 13 weeks.

My other half actually felt the baby this morning poking out, but he hasnt managed to feel the movement yet.

Baby number 3 and never felt naything as early with the first 2.

Now he wait until others can feel and we can see.

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