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Just curious how consistent your movements have been in late 2nd tri?

My first pregnancy my boys weren't extremely consistent but it was enough that I could notice differences.

I am 26+2 This one is driving me nuts! She gets on a consistent schedule for a week then it feels like she disappears for a day or two with minor movements then suddenly she has a new schedule and moves around like crazy around the same times each day then she stops moving again. I thought for sure I was going to call OB this AM because she's been 2days lack of movements now suddenly she's started moving all around again 😑 I do have an anterior placenta this time which I didn't have last time but I don't know if that makes a difference?

Anyways anyone else have a more inconsistent or randomly quiet LO?

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Can't help you much because movements were pretty consistent with my son by late second tri but I do bet you any money the anterior placenta isn't helping the situation with you now. From what I've understood it's only when the baby kicks *around* the placenta that you feel it, so I would guess it's totally possible that the time you're not feeling her, she's kicking straight forward.

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I'm sure that anterior placenta is really "muting" some of the feeling.

My son was very consistent with movements and things, whereas this pregnancy is different. He is lower, a bit slower, and doesn't do the same big movements as my first pregnancy. Also, I guess that I just don't pay the same attention as I did the first time when I didn't have a little one to chase around- maybe that could be the case with you too?

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The anterior placenta really throws things off. Even now, at 36 weeks, there are days I don't feel my LO much (I have an anterior placenta) until I stop moving and really pay attention and actually watch my belly bump move. Then there are days where I notice her a ton. My movements didn't become more consistent until about 30 weeks.

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