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I didn't read all of the posts, so I'm sorry if it's been mentioned. Sleeping on your back is fine until 30 weeks. At that point it can cut off circulation and can pose a risk apparently. I find it difficult to sleep on my side when I'm pregnant because all of the kicks and movement falls down to the side I'm laying on. I tend to do a bit of side/back lol - basically on an angle with a pillow propped between my legs. It helps and it's not fully on my back or side.

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Thanks so much to everyone for the replies! I will avoid sleeping on my back regardless (don't want to get into a habit). I am usually angled to some degree, I guess I'm curious as to how much of an angle counts as not putting too much pressure on the artery...but I'll keep trying to avoid it altogether anyway. I got a pregnancy pillow last week and I looove it, but sometimes I still wake up on my back, squished between it...haha. Anyway, I've always been a stomach/side sleeper, so I'm actually kind of surprised that I've been laying on my back so often lately.

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