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Quiet days with movement

I'm 21+3 and I've hardly felt baby move today. There have been a few kicks here and there but nothing like it has been. Should I be worried? I hate this, feel like all I've done all day is lie down/eat sugary things hoping to feel some proper movement get going. Everything is so worrying and I get so anxious Is it ok for baby to have quiet days? I haven't got anterior placenta or anything, and lately she's been kicking up a storm most days.

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My baby has more active days than others. I try not to worry! It depends on what's been going on that day for me as to whether he moves a lot or not.

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I'm coming up 20 weeks and in the same boat as you. I don't feel very much at all and I don't have an anterior placenta either. But, because I fell pregnant 6 months post-delivery then I'm more likely to feel less movement and more back and ligament pain. Add GD on top of NOT feeling a lot of movement from DD and you can imagine what is going on though my mind. But I am feeling SOME movement and we have heard a strong heartbeat so there is medically speaking, no reason for me to worry. Still, as you pointed out, it's hard to not worry.

I think as a whole, growing babies have quiet and active days. It's hard when you get used to something and then it stops. I can relate exactly how you feel. But just remember, as she gets bigger there will be more pronounced movements so in the meantime, try not to worry.

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Happens to me too 20+4 from what I've heard it's normal and movement will get more frequent and stronger in time. I think they get turned around and kick and punch at your back for a while. I can feel him shifting, some days he's on my left and others on my right, slight swishing feelings

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If you know your baby has started forming a routine and it has changed, you should always contact your midwife / EPU / EPU . Yes they may say but you're only so and so weeks pregnant, but it's your baby and your body . Nobody knows it better than you.

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At this stage baby is small enough that he/she may have shifted position and is merrily kicking away towards the back where you can't feel it so much. Always contact your midwife if concerned though.

I recently got a horrible stomach bug and spend 12 hours throwing up and 24 unable to eat. She was quite quiet the following day but back to normal now..

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Enjoy it now! Because soon baby will be so big that every movement is painful!!! I hope you never have to experience the pain of having a foot stuck in your ribs! 😑 ugh

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I think they don't worry about it at this stage as they're so small they could easily have shifted into a position where we don't feel their kicks so much. But no harm in contacting your midwife to ease your mind.

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