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17 weeks, irregular fetal heart rate?

I had my midwife check up today and got to hear peanuts heartbeat which was amazing I was recording for oh as he couldn't be there until 30 seconds in me and the midwife looked at each other I switched the phone off and she said I think I'm hearing extra beats, to which I said yes I'm hearing it too it doesn't sound right.

We listened for a further 2 minutes and roughly every 10 seconds peanuts heart would produce and extra beat. The midwife was grimacing every time and immediately called the hospital. The hospital said it's not uncommon and to wait till my 20 week scan when peanut will be big enough to have a good look at the heart.

I cannot help but worry now, my scan is 4 weeks away. This is my 4th, oh's 1st and Iv never experienced it nor has any of my friends.
I am hoping someone on here (although rather you didn't) has some experience with this and help me feel more positive!

Many thanks

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I wouldn't worry too much...I have this and it's no big deal. Every 3rd or 4th beat, my heart beats and extra time and it's been this way since I was born. They will look at it though and make sure the chambers are clear and blood is properly flowing. In the meantime maybe get a home doppler so you can check on babe if you get worried.

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No experience but hope the time pass' for you quickly for peace of mind.

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Sounds like a small heart murmur. My son had one when he was born. It cleared itself after about 2 weeks. dr said they are very common.

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