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Thanks so much for all your suggestions (and commiserations) everyone!

I went out and bought the Dreamgenii pillow and gave it a go, to be honest I wrestled with it most of the night and had a pretty broken sleep trying to ensure my knees and ankles were in line all night - and still woke up with aching hips. Though to be fair I think sleeping with a big pillow is something I just need to get used to. And if I don't, it looks really useful for feeding, so all will not be lost.

But I had a brainwave, so last night we removed our electric blanket from the bed (we're just coming out of winter down here in NZ) and all of a sudden, our bed feels much softer! My hip was able to sink further in to it and I actually had a pretty good sleep last night, finally. So I recommend removing any unnecessary underlayers of bedding apart from the sheet/soft mattress protector) as it contributes to making the bed feel 'harder'. Especially a spiny electric blanket! Just as well it's spring now, though if I was cold I would just go for proper pjs and a hot water bottle. Or warm partner!

(and I will still keep a plush mattress topper in mind if my hips get any more painful as I think they just needed to sink into something soft) All the best to you all!

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Battling sore hips for a while too. Getting worse lately I have gotten a pregnancy pillow, which is comfy and I feel protected/enveloped, but I still find I'm in so much pain with my hips. I just end up rotating all night. My biggest thing is I feel like I'm rolling forward too much and slightly squishing my bump, but it keeps happening whilst asleep. I can't seem to control it.

Anyhow, about to take a bath in our giant tub, which seems to be the only thing that helps It hurts so bad! Glad I'm not alone

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