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Short FL vs larger AC and HC and 16 weeks?

Hi everyone,

Had an extra scan yesterday to check on baby's septated cystic hygroma - so far so good. But I noticed on the notes afterwards that baby has a short femur length when compared to abdominal circumference and head circumference, and find this a bit strange...

I'm naturally still a bit on edge as we're still waiting to have the heart scan to rule out any defects, and the main anatomy scan to rule out neural tube defects and things like skeletal dysplasia - all of which have soft markers such as the cystic hygroma that baby has.

Has anyone experienced this before? My daughter was the in the higher centiles for HC, AC and FL, and me and DH are both tall.

Measurements in picture. I worked out the FL/AC ratio to be 17.5%, and the FL/HC ratio to be 14.5%.


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Not much info to help , but didn't Want to read and run ! Hopefully the 20 week scan will bring more consistent measurements . I think the arms and legs aren't truly in proportion until 18-19 weeks xxxx

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I think with really specific questions regarding measurements the only person that will be able to help is your OB. There are just way too many variables, and not every baby developes exactly the same. If it was really out of the normal range I am sure someone would have talked to you about it.
Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy.

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