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Those having a second baby - pram advice!

Hi everyone! I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and wondering what to do about buggies. I currently have the iCandy Apple2Pear in the loft, which was perfect for newborn and pre-toddler phase but my now 2 year old has outgrown it so he's in a Joie buggy now. When this LO comes along i'll have a newborn and an almost 3 year old - what are my options?! I want to use the iCandy again but when I have both of them I won't be able to as older LO will be too big! Are there double buggies which newborns can go in?

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The baby jogger city mini is the pushchair I used for my son from when he was 1-3 and it was so great and that comes in double (suitable from birth my sister used it from when my nephew was born and it's the easiest to steer/push double buggy that fits through more spaces than most). The only disadvantage of it imo (other than the fact it's expensive) is that it's forward facing only from birth and I prefer rear facing for a while, but you can buy car seat adaptors to go in it for that.

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Don't know if this will be of any help to you but I'm planning on using a buggy board attached to baby's pram for my 2 year old (2.7 year old when baby is here) if she gets too tired to walk when baby's gets here but that's because my toddler refuses to go in a buggy now, she loves walking and especially taking her baby doll out in the pram when we venture out

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I had a smaller age gap but only got a double buggy when DD was 6 months old, I used carriers/wraps until then. DS was 3 when I got rid of the double and I used a buggy board from then. Hope that helps!?

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Check out the Baby Jogger City Select, it is not overly large and it fits two seats wonderfully, also has the option of having an adapter for the bucket and many different configurations for how the babies can face, you can also get gliding board attachments for them. It is so easy to change from a single to a double depending on your needs!

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Cosatto to & fro

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We've got the Baby Jogger city select, which does the job (I've used it with the capsule and second seat when out my sisters bub and my 2 year old). It's good cause its not too wide, like a side by side double. The one thing I LOVE about it, is that even as a double, it has a HUGE basket - I can still fit a large nappy bag plus several bags of groceries in there. It's basically what sells it for me haha, as most other doubles (not side by side) lack in that department.
If you did want a side by side, and are happy with forward facing, the City Mini (which I think a previous poster mentioned) is another good one.
Maybe go to a good baby store that has a large selection, so you can get a feel for what might be right for you .

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I have a Baby Jogger City Select, and it is great (the big basket was awesome for shopping trips when DD was little). I bought it knowing we were planning on having 2 and hoped to be able to use it with the capsule/seat combo for a newborn and a toddler. Unfortunately my first DD (currently 2 yrs 2 months)had other ideas, she is a bit tall for her age and has outgrown the seat, plus she hates being confined in the stroller now and would much rather walk most of the time. I just have a cheap little folding stroller for her to use on longer outings. She's going to be 2.5 when the new baby is born and I've resigned myself to the idea that she's just not going to be able to ride in there with her little sister, she'll be walking or on a board. At least I don't need to bother buying a second seat.

If your toddler will be nearly 3 by the time you have your second, you might want to think about whether you will need a double at all, it might not be the best option by then.

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City jogger looks like a good option, depends if she still needs to nap in it? We are just going to get a buggy board and hope not need a double. She will be just 4 and can walk pretty much everywhere we go but it's just if we go on country walks etc it's a bit trickier if she gets tired but we are going with it! The only thing I will say about buggy boards is it really depends how tall you are as to whether they are comfy! I have to leave quite far forward as they are in front of you as well as the board so to push the buggy with the board on so it's not that comfy or good for my back, but my daughter is tall and I'm not so not a good combo!

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I used the iCandy, a buggy board & had a Cosatto twin. I was happy to see them all go

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