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I did with my first, and I felt movements around 18 weeks, I think my OH could feel her from the outside around 24 weeks.

I'm not sure where it is with this one, but I've felt something. Nothing regular yet. I have a feeling it's anterior again.

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This is baby number 2 and with both I have had anterior placentas.

With my first, it was easily 22/23 weeks before I was feeling reliable movements that I was totally sure were baby.

With this one I was totally convinced I didn't have an anterior placenta as I have been feeling baby since 13 + 5. Definitely baby as those movements have just become more powerful, not a doubt in my mind that I could feel movements back then.

Went to our 20 week scan and was told anterior again. There's a large part of me that wonders if they were right as I am feeling what I'd say we're really strong movements pretty frequently, nothing like my first. I would say though that until the last couple of weeks I could feel the strongest movements low down rather than right on my belly.

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Dd3 had an anterior placenta and I don't feel movement with her until 21/22 weeks

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I have been feeling little movements at 21 weeks but its really low. Im ok with it but wish it was the bigger movements that I felt with DS #1. I will be traveling to see my mom and dad in 11 days and want them to be able to feel the baby and its not looking like its gonna happen.

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